Littlelot & the Real Monster

It isn't just a room monster. A room monster is made of shadows that look really scary, but when you turn on the lights, it disappears. Room monsters don't usually have eyes and they hardly ever move. This is a real monster. It's got two eyes that glow in the dark, and I saw it move.

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How Sir Lancelot fought with a friendly dragonIt was a rainy day in May, so I had to play inside. Granddad and I were playing make-believe with my action figures on the floor of Granddad's study.... I liked to play make-believe with Granddad. He let me make believe whatever I wanted, and he talked for other people in the game, like the peasant who said he owed me a favor for helping him.

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The Periwinkle Tides

The tailed star was an inconstant visitor to the world. It was a star that grew brighter then dimmer, as it came and went, over a variable period of years. Behind it trailed a flame, violet in hue, the color of periwinkle. Its approach brought the tides higher and higher, year by year, until it shone even in the day-lit sky, and the seas lapped the land.

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