Littlelot — Now Available in Paperback
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Countdown Sale — The First Story of Littlelot

To celebrate Littlelot’s print release, we’re having a Countdown Sale on the Kindle edition of The First Story of Littlelot.

The countdown sale begins today 8 a.m. PST at $0.99. The 99-cent price will hold through the weekend. The price goes up to $1.99 Monday 4 p.m. PST. The sale ends next Friday at midnight PST when the price goes back to its normal $2.99.

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The First Story of Littlelot

The First Story of

An Arthurian legend with knights and damsels and other action figures

In his game of make-believe, a boy must make a choice—break his oath to the king or break the heart of the woman who gave him the most meaningful gift.

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