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Terror Wight Give-Away

Roy really wants you to have a copy of his ebook. Right now, he’s giving away the Kindle edition of Littlelot and the Real Monster.

Roy, terror wight and cover model   Take this book!

The terror wight still doesn’t grasp the concept of an electronic book.

“Give me a really big stack of books,” he said, “so I can give them away.”

I said, “I’ll give you an unlimited stack of books, Roy. Give away as many as you like.”

“Not big enough! I need a really big stack of books.”

To get your Kindle edition of Littlelot and the Real Monster from Roy’s “really big” stack, click this link to its Amazon page.

Get Littlelot and the Real Monster

The give-away ends Monday at midnight (Pacific time, GMT-8). That’s 9 a.m. in Paris, Roy’s bedtime. He hopes to go back to the figurine drawer empty handed.

Please don’t disappoint the terror wight!