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Littlelot Adventures on Wattpad

Starting Wednesday, June 15, I'm releasing the six episodes of The First Story of Littlelot on Wattpad.

The First Story of Littlelot

In his game of make-believe, a boy must make a choice -- break his oath to the king or break the heart of the woman who gave him the most meaningful gift.

The First Story of Littlelot is an Arthurian romance with knights and damsels and other action figures.

Wattpad is a community of writers and readers. On Wattpad, readers discover new stories and books by published authors as well as new talent. An author posts a novel, chapter by chapter, usually once or twice a week, and the reader can comment on the work and engage with the author. Sometimes you'll find a completed story to read at your own pace. Sometimes you'll find the very first chapter of a new book and read it, week by week, as it's being written!

Read the Preface to the adventure and follow me on Wattpad (1-step account creation). Go back there every Wednesday for the next six weeks to read another episode of Littlelot.

Then explore Wattpad to discover your next favorite author... or start writing your own story and become my next favorite author!