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Man, You've Got To Play This Game!

The D&D Bluebook (Gygax & Arneson, TSR 1977), also known as the Holmes edition after its editor, Dr. Eric HolmesIt was the summer of 1982 and I was 13 years old. The year before, I had moved with my family to another town half a state away from my first best friend. A few months later, he moved away, too, and the kids in his new neighborhood showed him how to play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.

I went to visit him after school let out for the year. I remember that I had just arrived when he held up a thin, pale blue book and said to me, "Man, you've got to play this game!"

You only ever have one first best friend. Mine introduced me to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.

Thanks Greg! You set me on a strange and winding path through worlds and lives mysterious and fantastic. Let me tell you about some of the games I've been playing lately.