How Sir Lancelot fought with a friendly dragonIt was a rainy day in May, so I had to play inside. Granddad and I were playing make-believe with my action figures on the floor of Granddad's study.... I liked to play make-believe with Granddad. He let me make believe whatever I wanted, and he talked for other people in the game, like the peasant who said he owed me a favor for helping him.

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The Periwinkle Tides

The tailed star was an inconstant visitor to the world. It was a star that grew brighter then dimmer, as it came and went, over a variable period of years. Behind it trailed a flame, violet in hue, the color of periwinkle. Its approach brought the tides higher and higher, year by year, until it shone even in the day-lit sky, and the seas lapped the land.

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