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Littlelot and the Real Monster is now available. Find it and The First Story of Littlelot on the Books page.

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and the
Real Monster

Littlelot must overcome his fear to confront the monster that threatens to eat him and his family too!



Roy doing a happy danceWhile signing book covers for his friends from the figurine drawer, Roy (front center) does a happy dance

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Roy is not happy

Unhappy Terror WightThe terror wight is acutely aware that the late release of The First Story pushes back the next one. Roy says he’s going to autograph covers of Littlelot and the Real Monster and give them to his friends in the figurine drawer.

I told him, “It’s an electronic book, Roy. It doesn’t work that way.”

But he wasn’t listening. He said, “Why can’t we put out my book first?”

“Roy, The First Story has to be first—it’s... the first story. It’s where the character earns his knight’s name.”

Roy grumbled under his breath, something about knights.

I said, “What did you say?”

“Lancelot is a pushover!”

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